Considering Replacing Your Dome?

We frequently replace aging air-supported buildings with a state-of-the-art Arizon Building Systems. If you operate an older dome with aging equipment, contact us today and learn how a new air handling system or even a completely new building can pay for itself in energy savings after just a few years.

Complete Dome Replacement

The Arizon team will work with you to tailor a replacement package to suit your organization’s unique needs. We typically include new air handling equipment, doors, lighting and a new fabric envelope in our replacement packages, but can adjust to re-use any existing equipment in good condition. We will also design our replacement dome to fit perfectly within an existing foundation.

Completely Replacing You Dome

Replacing your air handler

Replace Your
Air Handler

If your fabric dome is still in great shape and you’re still several years away from a full replacement, you may want to consider replacing your inflation, heating and/or cooling system with a high efficiency Arizon air handling unit. We have worked with several customers who installed an Arizon system in an existing air-supported building and instantly saved thousands in monthly utilities.

Fabric & Cables Replacement

Like any roof, the fabric dome will need to eventually be replaced. Luckily, the fabrics Arizon uses have advanced in construction over the last several years and are now designed for lifespans of over 2 decades. Contact Arizon for an estimate on a replacement fabric envelope or a technologically advanced low-bias cable system.

Replacing your fabric and cables

Replacing your lights

Upgrade to
LED Lights

LED lighting systems are more affordable than ever, and can offer drastic utility savings versus metal halide fixtures or even fluorescent lighting. Arizon’s project management team works with lighting industry experts to develop advanced photometric analyses to ensure proper fixture arrangement for optimal lighting in any application.

Doors & Vehicle Airlock Replacements

The Arizon Customer Service team has worked with dozens of dome owners who have requested to add additional revolving doors, personnel airlock doors, or emergency exits to meet ADA or other building code requirements after initial construction. We have also added vehicle airlocks in situations where larger equipment has needed to enter the space. Additionally, Arizon can replace or service a variety of specialized doors designed for use in air-supported buildings.

Replacing your doors and vehicle airlocks

Need Repairs?

Our in-house customer service team provides minor or emergency repairs for all air-supported building owners, regardless of the original manufacturer.

Need Repairs?

Our in-house customer service team provides minor or emergency repairs for all air-supported building owners, regardless of the original manufacturer.

Contact Customer Service

Let There Be Light!

Are you considering replacing
your aging metal halide
fixtures with LEDs?

LED Upgrade

Contact Arizon to learn more
about upgrading to an energy
efficient LED lighting system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We can typically manufacture a dome within 12-14 weeks. Once on site, a new dome will typically take 5-21 days to install based on the size and scope of the project.
In most situations, your initial investment in the concrete foundation and utility connections will not need to be repeated for a replacement dome. Arizon will custom design a building system to fit within the existing conditions of your site.
Pricing varies based on the size of the structure and scope of replacement. Contact Arizon today for an estimate on replacing your dome.
Even if your first dome was manufactured by another company, Arizon can provide a complete replacement without the need for additional site construction work in most situations.