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Air-supported buildings consist of one or more layers of a continuous, flexible, fabric membrane that is anchored to the ground (or a wall) and then inflated and supported by pressurized air.

Air-supported buildings can be installed seasonally or on a permanent basis. Despite this flexibility, air-supported buildings are engineered and constructed to adhere to all applicable building codes and retain their structural integrity during severe weather events.

Air-supported buildings are ideal for any application that requires a column free interior such as sports and recreation facilities and are also frequently used as warehouses, expo centers, distribution centers, construction shelters and other applications.

Each Arizon Building System is manufactured to custom specifications, and therefore priced individually. Please contact us to receive a price estimate for your project.

Arizon’s air-supported buildings are typically priced between $11 and $22 per square foot, depending on size, application, and other requirements.

Arizon’s frame-supported buildings can range in price between $25 and $50 per square foot, depending on the size and requirements of the project.

Each air-supported building is designed to meet or exceed all local requirements for wind speed rating, ground snow load, and other safety codes.

Arizon routinely constructs air-supported buildings in areas prone to blizzards, hurricanes, dust storms, tornadoes, and other extreme weather.

For most applications, Arizon’s air-supported buildings are best suited for projects larger than 10,000 square feet.

Our frame-supported buildings are best suited for projects larger than 25,000 square feet.

Our most translucent fabric does not bring in enough natural lighting for plant growth, so artificial lighting would have to be used inside the space.

With that said, our buildings are not typically well-suited for agricultural applications.

A frame-supported building consists of a series of galvanized steel frames that are wrapped in a minimum of one layer of architectural fabric.

Many Arizon frame-supported buildings include features such as insulation, roll-up doors, LED lighting and high-efficiency HVAC systems.

Read about the differences between air-supported buildings and frame-supported buildings.

Air-supported buildings feature 100% column-free interiors, making them ideal for many recreational and warehousing applications.

Air-supported buildings also feature short manufacturing and construction timelines, allow for seasonal installation over existing recreational space, and carry several tax benefits.

Despite their relative lack of insulation, Arizon Building Systems are often more energy efficient than conventionally-constructed buildings. Our buildings offer many efficient features including Air-Rotation HVAC systems, fabric skylights, and LED lighting.

Read more about our energy-efficient features.

On very rare occasions the exterior layer can be torn. However, there are often 1 or 2 additional interior layers that will keep air from escaping to the outside. If, theoretically, an object managed to cut through the exterior and interior layers, the inflation system will detect an air-loss and automatically compensate for it by bringing additional pressurized air into the space.

Our buildings will never “pop” like a balloon, as the internal air pressure is much less.

Where is your project?

Arizon has constructed fabric buildings throughout the world, from Abu Dhabi to Buffalo.

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