Why Arizon

Arizon Building Systems

Redefining Traditional Building

  • Custom-Manufactured Mechanical Equipment

    Arizon’s in-house team of engineers designs unique air-handling equipment to inflate, heat, and cool (where necessary) for each Arizon Air-Supported Building System. As the structural heart of the system, it is vitally important to have air-handling equipment that is designed with durability, energy efficiency in mind to meet the exact specification required by each project.

  • Full-Service Construction Partner

    With Arizon, you will receive more than just building materials dropped at your jobsite. Arizon’s in-house project management team can help manage the construction of your entire project, from concrete foundation and utility work to the construction of a parking lot or conventional construction entry building.

  • Worldwide Installation Services

    Whether you are planning on a permanently-installed dome that needs to be installed once or a seasonal dome that will require many installations and dismantles over its lifetime, Arizon’s team of professional installation technicians will work with you to ensure that your facility is properly installed by a professional, regardless of your location.

  • After-Sale Customer Service Team

    We understand that air-supported buildings require different needs than conventional structures. To that end, Arizon staffs a team of customer service field technicians that offer 24 hour service by phone to address any needs that our building operators may have. Our customer service team will also travel to your facility to make any repairs when necessary.

Why Choose Arizon?

Our Superior Technology

Arizon is the only fabric building systems company that also manufactures its own inflation, heating, and cooling units—making our systems much more durable and energy efficient (about 7 times as efficient) as our competitor’s conventional systems. Our HVAC system also ensures even temperatures throughout the space, eliminating any cold corners in the winter.

Our Production Facilities

Arizon manufactures its buildings from two UL Certified production facilities totaling 180,000 square feet in the greater St. Louis region, including an 80,000 square foot air-supported building – We practice what we preach!

Our People

Arizon Building Systems employs a team of over 30 structural, mechanical, electrical and civil engineers, as well as on-staff designers, architects, project managers and construction managers. Our experienced and diversified staff will help guide your project from concept to completion.

The Power of Four Companies

Arizon Building Systems is one company under the larger Arizon Family of Brands. Our sister companies specialize in large-scale and custom HVAC applications for commercial, industrial, pharmaceutical and healthcare applications and date back to 1921.