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Bring any sport indoors for a fraction of the cost of conventional forms of construction. Arizon’s sports domes offer a completely open environment with incredibly high ceilings – tall enough for a major league fly ball or professional punting drills – with no pesky structural columns to wedge your field around.

An Arizon building can enclose multiple fields under one roof and is the perfect solution for any number of sports, recreation, and entertainment applications. Our domes include heating and cooling systems to the exact needs of your facility, and an overhead skylight that brings in natural daylight to make the dome feel even more open. Each dome is custom manufactured to meet the exact specifications that you would like to see in your facility.

Air Handling Equipment for Air Supported Structure Sports Dome


Arizon Building Systems is the only fabric building manufacturer in the world that custom-builds its mechanical systems in-house. Because of this, Arizon is uniquely positioned to build a custom solution to meet the exact temperature specifications needed for your facility.

Each of our systems is built to industrial standards that allow for double the product life of pre-engineered, off-the-shelf systems seen elsewhere, and our proprietary designs allow for greater operating efficiency than other systems that were not exclusively designed for use with air-supported structures.

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Low Operating Cost Sports Building Solution


An Arizon Building System can be engineered, manufactured, and installed in as little as 12 weeks, allowing your new facility to start training athletes almost immediately as opposed to waiting the months and years it can often take to complete a conventional build.

Quick Install Sports Building


Arizon offers numerous color options to match company branding or a campus aesthetic. We also have numerous options for logo banners to show off your brand from a distance or sell naming rights to a sponsor to bring in additional revenue.

Long Lasting Cheap Sports Building Solution


Arizon domes carry a 20 year warranty on the fabric, with our mechanical systems typically lasting at least 30 years. Our company traces its origins to 1921, and as we begin to enter our second century in business we understand the importance of being there for our customers. Our full-time Customer Service Team is available at every step of the way from the initial installation to addressing any needs your building may have down the road.

Perfect for:

Affordable Football Practice Space

Indoor Soccer Facility

Indoor Baseball Complex

Seasonal Tennis Domes

Seasonal Swimming Pool Bubble

Additional Gymnasium Space

Seasonal Cover Ice Rinks
Ice Rinks

Large Indoor Golf and Driving Range
Golf/Driving Range

Music Venue Dome
Music Venue

Additional Expo Space
Expo Space

Indoor Sand Volleyball for Winter
Sand Volleyball

Additional Banquet Hall and Event Space
Banquet Hall