An Affordable Solution

Arizon Building Systems provide a fully-custom solution for industrial sectors with a rapid need for new facility construction or expanded capacity within an existing site.

Each Arizon Building System is designed to fully comply with all relevant International Building Code requirements and is engineered to withstand the harshest of climates with a design life in excess of 20 years.

Perfect for:

Building for Warehouse and Distribution Industrial Building
Warehouse & Distribution

Equipment Testing Industrial Building
Equipment Testing

Cost-Effect Manufacturing Industrial Building

Industrial Building for Landfill Cover

Temporary Construction Cover Industrial Building
Construction Covers

Mining Cover / Temporary Mining Industrial Building

Cost-Effective Indoor Agriculture Industrial Building
Agriculture / Grow Facilities

Concrete Dome Construction Fabric Industrial Building
Structural Dome Forms

Industrial Building for Aquaculture

Cost-Effective Industrial Building for Workshops

E-Commerce Fulfillment Industrial Building
E-Commerce Fulfillment

Waste Remediation Cover / Industrial Building

Rapid Install for Industrial Buildings

Rapid Installation for Your Industrial Building

An Arizon Building System can be fully installed in as little as 5 weeks from approval of our engineered submittal when an accelerated timeline is required. A more typical timeline is 5 to 7 months to allow appropriate time for permitting, site construction work and other aspects outside of Arizon’s direct control of the project.

Tall Ceiling and No Columns in completely open-span Industrial Space

Tall Ceilings & No Columns

An Arizon Building System offers the most flexible interior space available. Period. The interiors of our domes feature no pesky structural columns that can get in the way of operations such as manufacturing or distribution.

The Arizon ceiling height is considerably taller than any other practical solution on the market, with most domes having a peak height between 40’ and 80’ depending on building dimensions and customer needs.

Even Temperatures in Industrial Buildings

Even Temperatures

If your indoor facility will be conditioned with heating and/or cooling, the Arizon Building Systems air handling system design will discharge conditioned air into the space at ground level where your employees work versus at ceiling level like most packaged systems. This results in considerably less wasted energy as conditioned air will not need to be forced down 30+ feet to ground level where your employees work.

This design also ensures that all parts of the floor will be evenly conditioned to within 1-2 degrees Fahrenheit, so one end or corner will not be considerably warmer or cooler than other parts of the floor.

Industrial Building Tax Advantages

Tax and Depreciation Advantages

Arizon domes are often classified as equipment versus real property and is therefore taxed in the same manner an equipment purchase would be. In jurisdictions without personal property tax (or minimal personal property tax) this often means that the purchaser would not be tax liable for an air-supported dome and would only have to pay for property tax (not the improvement upon the property). Sales tax is still generally required.

Similarly, air-supported domes will depreciate over a much faster (typically 7 year) schedule versus a more standard depreciation model of 39 years for conventional construction.

Please note that each jurisdiction is different and these advantages are discussed as a general example only. Please consult with a tax or financial professional for more exact details.

Industrial HVAC Equipment


Arizon is the only fabric building manufacturer that builds its air handling equipment in-house. The structural integrity of an air-supported building is dependent upon the equipment inflating the building, which is why it is so important to pair your facility with a system that was designed to be exclusively used with an air-supported building.

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Natural Light

Arizon’s skylight uses a translucent panel section to bring in natural light during daytime hours that will improve the interior aesthetic of the building and reduce costs associated with operating all or some of the interior lighting.

The skylight can be altered to be larger or smaller depending on needs and local climates and can even be re-oriented to the side or as a ‘Halo’ around the building for higher temperature locations.

Industrial Building Exterior Design Options

Exterior Design

Historically many air-supported domes have featured a white exterior. While that is still an option, Arizon offers a much more diverse array of color and pattern options. Gray is a popular choice as it can blend into other built environments with concrete structures. Forest green is popular when in a wooded location, and sandstone can hide dust build-up in more arid environments.

Arizon also can incorporate large corporate logos onto the exterior of the dome which can be useful for brand awareness for locations along busy corridors or on the top of structures on a landing path.

Upfront Cost

Each Arizon Building System is a fully-custom solution and specific feature inclusions will often dictate final pricing, however Arizon’s domes are generally completed for approximately 1/3 of the cost of a metal building of the same size. This factors the completed, installed cost by the time our customers factor the building components themselves, HVAC, installation, foundations and more.

Industrial Grade Foundation Solutions


Equipment Testing Dome Industrial Building
Equipment Testing Dome
United States

Temporary Construction Cover Industrial Building
Construction Cover

Waste Cover Dome Industrial Building
Waste Cover

Dome Industrial Building for Oil and Gas Company
Oil & Gas Company

Air-Structure Industrial Building for Mining

Radar Dome – Radome Structure Industrial Building
Radar Dome
Multiple Locations

Aircraft Frame Fabric Structure Industrial Building
Aircraft Frame Structure
United States

Dome Industrial Building for Aquaculture
United States

Air Structure for Oil and Gas Company Industrial Building
Oil & Gas Company

Landfill Cover for Air Supported Structure Industrial Building
Landfill Cover

Water Tank Sever Fabric Industrial Dome Cover
Water Technology Domes
Multiple Locations

Large Equipment Storage Industrial Structure
Equipment Storage
United States

Electro-Magnetic Testing Industrial Cover Dome Building
Electro-Magnetic Testing
United States

Industrial Concrete Dome Construction
Concrete Dome Construction
United States

Cheap Manufacturing Industrial Building Solution
Arizon Manufacturing
United States

Industrial Military Building Covers Dome Recreation
Military Recreation
United States