Our Features

The Arizon Customer Service Team works with air-supported building owners throughout North America and the rest of the world to coordinate seasonal installation and take-down services as well as dome relocation.


Seasonal Installation

Old dome or brand new dome. Arizon system or competitor system. Domestic or halfway around the world. The Arizon Customer Service Team will work with you to ensure your dome is installed safely, efficiently, and on your schedule.


Seasonal Take-Down

What goes up, must come down, right? Whether your dome is a single tennis court, small swimming pool or larger than a football field, The Arizon Customer Service Team will coordinate your dome’s seasonal take-down and prep for storage.


Relocation Services

Considering relocating your business to a new site with your existing dome? The Arizon Customer Service Team can help you plan your move, arrange for take-down services, and coordinate freight, delivery, and re-installation.