Building Additions

Interior Build-Outs

Many Arizon buildings feature interior build-outs to house a wide variety of amenities as an alternative to constructing separate brick-and-mortar structures to house these areas outside of the dome.

Because the dome already provides shelter from precipitation and extreme temperatures, these interior build-out areas can be simple and cost-effective and do not require costly features such as a traditional roof or separate HVAC system.

Popular Uses Include:
  • Lobby and Reception Areas
  • Office Spaces
  • Restrooms and Changing Rooms
  • Concession Stands
  • Lounges
  • Batting Cage/Tee Station Tiers
  • Elevated Viewing and Seating Decks


Awnings/Shade Structures

Arizon shade structures and awnings provide much more than shade. Using an awning or shade structure for the entrance of your dome, can provide a sophisticated look and dress up your dome by providing an enhanced entrance.

Options Include:
  • Architectural Shade Structures
  • Colorful Awnings
  • Climate Controlled Frame Walkways

Faux Stone Veneer

Arizon now offers Faux Stone Veneer for our air-handling equipment. StoneScreen offers a way to blend our mechanical equipment into existing buildings exterior with a variety of options such as textures and colors.

StoneScreen has a 10 year warranty and starts at $8 a square foot, depending on style selection.

  • Tongue & Groove Interlocking keys
  • Extremely realistic appearances
  • Easy installation – No masonry skills needed
  • Cuts and applied like plywood
  • Simple interlocking panels makes installation quick
  • Designed for interior or exterior applications
  • Panels are lighter than 1/2” plywood (32-40 lbs.)
  • Added R Value
  • Unlike Wood—non deteriorating
  • Outstanding weatherability