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LED Lights - Arizon Building Systems

LED Lighting Fixtures

Arizon’s LED Lighting Fixtures produce advanced thermal management capabilities, thus eliminating long term color shifts and increasing lifespan to 60,000 hours. LED Lighting fixtures retrofit directly into existing T-5 fluorescent fixtures. These lights lead to unprecedented energy savings, drastically reduce re-lamp frequency, and have a high quality of life with long-lasting performance. These LED fixtures also yield inspiring returns on investment.

T-5 - Flourescent Lights - Arizon Building Systems

T-5 Fluorescent Hang Lights

T-5 fluorescents are an affordable alternative that significantly reduce energy consump¬tion, increase efficiency, and lower overall lighting and operational costs. Current air-supported building owners can retrofit their existing lighting system with T-5 fluorescents, and many new dome clients prefer this type of lighting system up front.

Other Options

Arizon Skylight System

Arizon’s skylight system allows natural light to enter the dome during daytime hours, minimizing the need for interior lights to be on during the day and result¬ing in significant operating cost savings. The size of the skylight can be designed to meet the needs and design specifications of our client.

Direct & Indirect Lighting

Indirect lighting will provide the most even distribu¬tion of light in a space. Arizon has provided indirect lighting in most of our air structures for this reason. Light quality is critical in some applications such as sports. In order to maximize the amount of light in the dome, we design our lighting system to reflect off of the curved dome surfaces and bounce back to the floor.

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