Two Rivers Activity Center

Location: Jamestown, ND
Application: Multisport Dome
Size: 150’W x 250’L x 45’H
  • Skylight System and LED Lights
  • Attached to Conventional Building
  • Custom Branded Banner


Two Rivers Activity Center (TRAC) is a public recreation center designed to offer residents and local schools access to indoor activities in Jamestown, ND. As part of its design, TRAC was planned with an Arizon air-supported dome to enclose a multisport indoor turf field and tennis courts. The wide, column-free spans, tall ceiling heights, and rapid construction of an Arizon air-supported dome makes it the perfect complement to the project as a whole. Additionally, TRAC worked with Arizon’s team to include its logo and artwork on the building’s exterior by utilizing premium commercial signage products with extended durability.

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