Location: China
Application: Chemical Waste Containment & Environmental Hazardous Waste
Size: 196.8’ W x 442.8’ L (87,43 sq. ft.)
  • Translucent fabric facilitates natural daytime light
  • Vehicle airlocks allow large trucks and
    equipment into the structure
  • Keeps hazardous fumes & chemicals contained


  • Provide an affordable and efficient building solution to contain toxic chemicals and other industrial byproducts.


  • Arizon constructed a 87,000 sq. ft. air supported structure that features translucent fabric and a high-efficiency HVAC system to minimize operating costs.
  • Several vehicle access points enable workers to transport waste and other materials into the dome safely and efficiently.


  • Arizon’s dome provides an energyefficient, low-cost storage solution to contain chemicals and other waste products.
  • This enables Eco Island to safely store its products, keeping the chemicals dry and away from the public.
  • The containment dome eliminates the stench and toxic fumes that can be produced by these chemicals, so that the environment remains unharmed.

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