Custom Manufactured Air Handling Equipment

Arizon is the only fabric building manufacturer that builds its air handling equipment in-house. The structural integrity of an air-supported building is dependent upon the equipment inflating the building, which is why it is so important to pair your facility with a system that was designed to be exclusively used with an air-supported building.

Air Handling Equipment - Dual Fans

Fan System

Our system uses a dual fan design for maximum energy efficiency. An ultra-low horsepower fan runs 24/7 to inflate the facility, while a slightly higher horsepower fan kicks on at intervals to force warm or cool air into the dome. Our system also comes with a backup fan.

  • 7x More Efficient v. Other Systems
  • Quiet Operation
  • No Ductwork

Johnson Air-Rotation® Technology

Our UL listed and approved systems incorporate Arizon Companies' Johnson
Air-Rotation technology, which reduces energy consumption while evenly heating or cooling a facility from corner to corner and from floor to ceiling.

  • Even Temperatures
  • Less Energy Consumption
  • Reduced Heat Loss

Air Handling Equipment - Air-Rotation

The most system on the market.

Air Handling Equipment - Controls

Sophisticated Controls

Our in-house controls team will design a system for your dome that is easy to program and accessible from an on-site office or a smartphone anywhere in the world.

  • Web-Based Controls
  • Intuitive Scheduling Interface
  • Wind & Snow Sensors

Double Wall Construction

Our air handling systems are built like tanks. We use double wall steel construction to keep our units free of rust and are designed for a 30 year lifespan.

  • Designed for 30 Year Lifespan
  • Robust Construction
  • Top Quality Components

Air Handling Equipment - Double Wall Construction

Technical Cut Sheet Library

Click on the images below to download PDF documents with more information on our air-handling system.

Mechanical Systems - Air Handling Equipment
Advanced Controls - Air Handling Equipment
Snow Sensors - Air Handling Equipment
Wind Sensors - Air Handling Equipment

Our Mechanical Systems are
Designed for air-supported buildings

Each Arizon air-supported building is inflated by a custom-manufactured Arizon air-handling unit, not an off-the-shelf system designed for other types of construction. Arizon's exclusive Air Rotation technology significantly reduces operating costs for air-supported building operators versus competitor systems.