Proven Rapid-Response Hospital Extension Pressurized Building Systems

Custom-Engineered and Pre-Manufactured 10,000 to 50,000 sq. ft. Pressurized Building Systems by Arizon Companies


Build Testing Center Facility
Testing Centers
Build Patient Check-In Centers
Patient Check-In Centers
Build Hospital Extension
Hospital Extensions
Build Relief Shelter Stations
Relief Shelter Stations

Arizon’s team of mechanical, civil, structural, electrical, and controls engineers, as well as our round-the-clock manufacturing teams are ready to serve your immediate building needs.

Our critical building system package includes:

  • Industrial fabric buildings, pre-fabricated for fast and simple site installation.

  • Arizon’s exclusive custom-engineered high-efficiency HVAC & air-handling products are the structural support system for the building, as well as create a pressurized internal space that is perfect for many healthcare related critical patient needs.

  • Buildings include doors and airlocks of any size for wheelchair, stretcher, ambulance, or truck access.

  • Building systems include high-efficiency LED indoor ceiling or pole mounted lighting systems.

  • Arizon’s multiple backup redundant systems, specially engineered building pressure controls, and generator all provide an overall effective and energy efficient building system that meets UL, ETL & IBC building code requirements.

  • Rapid installation over an open field or parking lot, secures the building for the pressurized dome’s structural design.

  • In addition to the features listed above, we can also build negative pressure rooms, easily created by adding a small atmospheric vent to an internally built patient room.
  • Arizon Building Systems can be custom engineered, manufactured, and installed for use in the domestic USA or North America within 3 to 6 weeks in cases of emergency, pandemics or disaster relief.

  • Arizon’s buildings are mobile, can be used as temporary buildings, and can be re-located elsewhere. Our facilities are available for either purchase or rental.

  • Arizon Companies has over 100 years of technical engineering, manufacturing, and field installation support with more than 300 employees.
  • We’ve successfully manufactured products for governmental, healthcare, military and other mission critical, custom building and HVAC applications throughout the World.

  • Cost-effective Arizon Buildings are a better solution when compared to structurally unstable tents and slowly-constructed traditional buildings.

  • We have up to 100 reconditioned & re-purposed Hospital pop up Fabric Buildings available in the 10,000 to 50,000 sq. ft. range.

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