Location: Louisville, KY
Application: Aquatics Dome
  • Seasonal Facility
  • Energy Efficient Skylight System
  • Arizon’s Energy Efficient Mechanical System
  • Pool Tarp


  • Provide a multi-functional, open-span, seasonal air structure for Blairwood Tennis, Swim and Fitness in Louisville, KY.
  • Blairwood Tennis, Swim & Fitness is a premiere, family oriented club that wanted to convert their 50 meter pool into a year-round facility.


  • Arizon designed, manufactured, and installed a climate-controlled air supported building in Louisville, KY.
  • The 23,000 sq. ft. aquatics dome fits over a large pool.
  • The structure include’s an energy efficient mechanical system, and an interior skylight that runs the length of the dome.


  • Before the dome was completed, Blairwood Tennis, Swim & Fitness members had to drive to indoor swimming facilities in other areas during unfavorable weather.
  • With the new addition of the Blairwood air structure, the community can host swim meets, practices, and general recreational activities for their members.
  • The 50 meter pool can now be used to its full advantage, rather than sitting idle for half the

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