Location: Waterford, MI
Application: Multisport Dome & Driving Range
  • 136’ W x 264’ L (35,904 sq. ft.)
  • 240 W x 300’ L (72,000 sq. ft.)
  • High-tech center skylight system
  • open-span application supports multiple sports


  • Economically construct open-span indoor spaces that house indoor golf, soccer, softball, football, baseball, field hockey, volleyball and lacrosse in Waterford, MI.


  • Two Air-Supported buildings were constructed that each provide enough indoor space to support multiple recreational activities.
  • The domes were designed with a heavy-duty fabric membrane and cable system, to eliminate any possible damage from golf ball impact and to help withstand severe winter weather.
  • A high-tech skylight system that reduces the need for daytime lighting keeps operating costs down.


  • Arizon’s domes provide an effective and economical way for Oakland Yard Athletics to offer a variety indoor sports, camps, events, parties and leagues year-round, bringing fun, health and wellness into the Waterford, MI community.
  • Local residents can stay active, regardless of cold weather or winter precipitation, and a variety of charity organizations and schools have partnered with Oakland Yards to use the dome for fundraisers and other events.

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