Location: Golden, CO
Application: Tennis Domes
Size: (2) 113’ W x 118’ L Domes (13,334 sq. ft. each)
  • Year-round tennis domes
  • High-tech center skylight system
  • Low-bias cable system for added support & stability for winter weather


  • Enclose four of Rolling Hills Country Club’s existing outdoor tennis courts.
  • Directly attach to clubhouse structure.


  • Arizon designed two 113’ x 118’ air supported buildings that fit over four of Rolling Hills Country Club’s tennis courts, side by side.
  • The domes were designed for year-round use, with a low-bias cable system to defend against high winds and heavy snows during the winter months.
  • Features include interior divider netting to provide uninterrupted play, double-wall insulation, and interior skylight to minimize operating costs.


  • The tennis domes at Rolling Hills Country Club sit atop a peak that overlooks the club’s picturesque 18-hole championship golf course.
  • Rolling Hills members can enjoy year-round lessons, clinics, camps and tournaments at a fraction of the first cost and ongoing investment that a ‘conventionally-constructed’ brick-and-mortar tennis facility could have cost.

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