Location: Edina, MN
Application: Golf Dome / Driving Range
Size: Trapezoidal (50,600 sq. ft.)
  • Trapezoidally-shaped to meet the specifications
  • Accommodates double-decker driving range deck
  • Insulated for energy-efficient winter


  • Replace the original trapezoidal-shaped Braemar Golf Dome.
  • Replicate the existing trapezoidal configuration for the fabric and cable system so that it matched the original dome design.
  • Wanted new fabric membrane, energy efficient mechanical system, insulation & cable system.


  • Arizon was selected to replace Braemar Golf Dome with a new fabric skin, insulation and a more energy-efficient mechanical system.
  • Arizon replaced the existing inflation equipment with a more energy efficient model that uses a lower horsepower motor and Air-Rotation technology.
  • Arizon incorporated a fire suppression system as an improved safety feature for the newly replaced structure, as requested by the client.


  • In just a few short months, Braemar Golf Dome was back in business with a brand new, energy -efficient dome that meets the City of Edina’s demand for indoor golf during the winter.
  • PGA professionals provide lessons and camps in the dome, and area residents can use the 40+ tee areas on the double-decker driving range deck.

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