Location: Cheshire, CT
Application: Swimming Pool Frame Structure
Size: 233’ W Span x 148’ L x 53’ H (34,484 sq. ft.)
  • Directly Connects to Conventional Building
  • Energy Efficient MarCraft Air Handling System
  • LED Lighting


  • Enclose an outdoor swimming pool with a steel frame-supported structure.
  • Needed to directly attach to a conventional building that houses changing rooms and other amenities.


  • Arizon designed, manufactured and installed an open-span frame-supported structure that fits over the Town of Cheshire’s outdoor pool.
  • At 235 feet wide, the structure is the largest of its kind to be constructed over a swimming pool.
  • The facility features Arizon’s energy efficient Air-Rotation mechanical equipment to ventilate and heat the interior during the harsh Connecticut winter.


  • Area residents now have an indoor aquatics facility for year-round competitive, recreational and leisure swimming.
  • Energy efficient lighting and HVAC options were considered in the design to ensure that the community is not burdened with high utility costs.

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