Location: New Albany, OH
Application: Tennis Dome
Size: 65’ W x 118’ L (7,670 sq. ft.)
  • Designed to fit over existing tennis court
  • Translucent fabric provides natural light
  • Seasonal dome for winter only


  • Cover an existing tennis court at a private residence with an air-supported building.
  • Needed to be removed during the summer months for outdoor play.


  • Arizon designed and installed a 7,670 sq. ft. structure over the single tennis court at Abigail House in New Albany, OH.
  • The single court dome features translucent fabric, a hang light system for night-time play and energy efficient mechanical equipment to inflate and heat the dome.
  • The building is intended for use as a seasonal dome, and is removed each spring so that the court can be used as an outdoor surface in summer.


  • This resident has a cost-effective, energy-efficient space to play indoor tennis during the winter, which is climate-controlled for maximum comfort.
  • The flexibility of the air-supported structure design enables the homeowner and family to enjoy indoor tennis in winter without sacrificing outdoor play in spring and summer.

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