Location: Auburn Hills, MI
Application: Multisport Facility
Size: 250’W x 370’L x 70’H
  • Full artificial turf field
  • Built-in golf range and batting area
  • LED lighting system with protective netting
  • Connection to conventional building


  • Arizon was tasked to design, manufacture, and install a replacement dome for the Evolution Sportsplex.
  • The existing 20 year old dome was triangular in shape, which limited the use of the turf field for additional sports.
  • The original double walled dome limited summer use because of the heat gain and was very inefficient.


  • Arizon replaced the original foundation with a rectangular grade beam to accommodate a wider range of sports within the new shape of the dome.
  • State of the art LED lighting was installed with protective netting to allow visitors to play golf and other sports without the fear of breaking the lights.
  • With the redesign, Arizon installed triple wall fabric and a translucent fabric skylight, making the dome more energy efficient.


  • The Evolution Sportsplex now uses their dome for a wider variety of sports than before. Customers can now play golf, lacrosse, soccer, and even bat in batting cages built into the dome.
  • The combination of the Arizon Skylight system and the LED lighting provides bright and consistent lighting throughout all hours of the day.
  • Because of the upgrade to the triple wall fabric and the installation of the Arizon skylight system, the dome’s total energy usage dropped significantly and the dome’s usability expanded by many months.

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