Location: Westerville, OH
Application: Aquatics Facility
Size: 75’W x 102’L x 24’H
  • Seasonal Structure
  • Custom Frame Access Tunnel
  • Pole Light System


  • Arizon Building Systems was tasked to build a seasonal air-supported building to cover the pool at The Lakes Golf & Country Club.
  • The management team with The Lakes Golf & Country Club also wanted to have a covered walkway from the restrooms and concession area, which were located one level above the pool, to the pool dome.


  • Arizon constructed the dome with thermal liner insulation, a pole light system, and to be able to be dismantled for seasonal use.
  • A fabric frame walkway was also designed by Arizon to cover the stairwell leading from the concession area and restrooms to the fabric building with a revolving door as the entrance.


  • Lakes Golf & Country Club members can now enjoy swimming all year round with the Arizon dome.
  • Members also remain covered at all times coming to and from the dome because of the frame walkway Arizon provided.

Launch Project