Location: Virginia
Application: NFL Practice Facility
Size: 240’W x 420’L x 96’H (100,800 sq ft)
  • Triple wall insulation / translucent fabric
  • LED lighting system / mounted video cameras
  • Surround sound mounted speaker system
  • Field goal posts suspended from the ceiling


  • Arizon was tasked to design, manufacture, and install a new 100,800 square foot practice facility in 10 weeks for the NFL team’s mini-camp.


  • Arizon’s engineering and design team met daily with the manufacturing team and worked overtime in order to construct the dome in the team’s timeline of 74 days. The install team began work on-site in May.
  • The translucent triple-wall fabric reduced the need for artificial day-time lighting and helps the team keep operational costs down.
  • Added technology in the dome included a new LED lighting system, a surround sound mounted speaker system, and mounted video cameras for recording practices.
  • The team also has goal posts suspended from the dome, which allows for more floor space.


  • Arizon completed the project on time and delivered a new state-of-the-art practice facility to the NFL team.
  • As a result of the accelerated construction timeline, the team had minimal disruptions to their off-season training programs.
  • The practice facility is also being used as a multipurpose space for public relations events.

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