Location: Maple Grove, MN
Application: Multisport Dome
Size: 230’ W x 400’ L (92,000 sq. ft.)
  • Seasonal use dome
  • Field accommodates lacrosse, football, soccer, and batting cages for hitting practice
  • Translucent fabric provides natural lighting


  • Provide a multi-functional, seasonal recreational space to accommodate a variety of sports in suburban Minneapolis.


  • Arizon designed a 92,000 sq. ft. sports dome that fits over the city’s large turf field and is intended for seasonal installation during winter so that the field may be used for outdoor play during summer.
  • Divider netting is installed to allow the option of dividing the fields for uninterrupted play during peak times.
  • Translucent exterior fabric allows natural light into the dome to offset operating expenses by reducing the need to use artificial light during daytime hours.


  • Before Maple Grove Sports Dome was completed, local families had to drive to indoor facilities in other cities or counties during winter for practices, games, tournaments and general recreational activities.
  • Now youth, schools, athletic organizations and locals have a recreational space in their own community, as schools make use of the dome during weekdays and athletic organizations rent dome space on evenings and weekends.
  • Interior divider netting makes it easy for multiple organizations to share the dome simultaneously so that the city can make the most out of its investment in the community.

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