Location: Memphis, TN
Application: Aquatics Dome
Size: 98’ W x 150’ L (14,700 sq. ft.)
  • Translucent fabric facilitates natural daytime light
  • Designed for seasonal installation
  • Heated for use during winter season


  • Extend the YMCA’s swimming season by covering its outdoor swimming pool during the winter months with a heated, seasonal air-supported building.


  • Arizon designed, manufactured and installed a climate-controlled air supported building that fits over the YMCA’s outdoor pool from October through April.
  • The dome features energy-efficient mechanical equipment to heat and ventilate the interior.
  • It also has translucent fabric to offset operating costs by providing natural sunlight during the day.


  • The YMCA was able to extend its swim season to a full 12 months with the installation of Arizon’s dome.
  • The YMCA’s management called this project a “huge success” and said the added structure significantly grew their business during the traditionally-slow winter months.
  • Several local schools also use the dome for swim practice during the school year, which increases the YMCA’s exposure to student swimmers, parents and coaches who attend swim meets.

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