Location: South Lake Tahoe, CA
Application: Aquatics Dome
Size: 75’ W x 125’ L (9,375 sq. ft.)
  • Temperature-controlled indoor pool
  • Designed for seasonal installation/dismantles
  • Translucent fabric for a ‘bright’ interior that utilizes natural lighting


  • Attach a climate-controlled air supported dome to the City of South Lake Tahoe’s existing swimming pool structure during winter.
  • The dome should be cost effective to operate, energy efficient and should take advantage of natural light.


  • Arizon provided an air supported fabric dome that fits seamlessly to the city’s existing pool structure, installed by Arizon in the fall and dismantled each spring.
  • The fabric used is PVDF-coated translucent fabric that stays clean, enables snow to slide off of the structure during occasional winter snowfall and permits natural light into the dome during daytime hours.


  • The City of South Lake Tahoe can provide year round swimming facilities to the community.
  • This enables organizations to extend their swim programs, practices and lessons into the winter.
  • The seasonality of the dome makes year-round use of the city’s outdoor pool, which would otherwise be dormant from October through May possible.

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