Location: Montreal, QC, Canada
Application: Multisport Dome
Size: 224’ W x 420’ L (94,080 sq. ft.)
  • Seasonal use dome
  • Low bias cable system for added support during severe winter weather
  • High efficiency HVAC system


  • Extend the soccer season in Montreal, Quebec to a full 12 months by covering the existing soccer field with a heated air supported building during the winter.
  • The structure must be able to withstand heavy snowfall and high winds that are common in winter in Canada.


  • Arizon designed an air supported building to fit over the existing soccer field during the winter months.
  • The dome is fitted with a low bias cable system, which provides additional support for snow loads up to 25 pounds per square inch.
  • The dome is inflated and heated with a high efficiency custom HVAC system to keep operational costs to the City of Montreal low.


  • Arizon’s seasonal dome at Hebert Stadium maximizes the City of Montreal’s use of its space by covering an existing outdoor field during winter so that area recreational programs can be extended year-round.
  • The flexibility of using an air supported structure allows the City of Montreal to generate revenue during winter by holding games, camps, clinics and tournaments, without sacrificing the city’s outdoor playing field space during summer.

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