Location: Boulder, CO
Application: Multisport Training Facility
Size: 190’ W x 370’ L (70,300 sq. ft.)
  • Seasonal-use facility
  • Media sideline stations
  • High-tech skylight system


  • Enclose University of Colorado’s outdoor practice field during the winter months with a building that can be dismantled in the summer.


  • Arizon supplied an air supported building that is installed during the winter months and removed each spring.
  • The 70,000 sq. ft. building features a high-tech skylight system, low bias cable grid system for premium stability and media camera stations so that practices and scrimmages can be recorded.
  • The HVAC equipment is securely mounted on a trailer so that the system, along with the building, can be completely removed and stored each spring.
  • Arizon coordinates seasonal installations and dismantles with the University of Colorado to ensure proper handling of the dome and its equipment each year.


  • The University of Colorado football program can concentrate on perfecting its game- not on brisk winter weather- in an Arizon training dome.
  • Additionally, other groups and organizations at the university use the dome for intramural leagues, general recreation and team sports during winter.
  • The dome is completely removed in summer so athletes and students can enjoy outdoor sports when the weather allows.

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