Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
Application: Paintball Complex
  • 168’ W x 348’ L (58,388 sq. ft.)
  • 190’ W x 193.5’ L (36,730 sq. ft.) Trapezoidal Shape
  • 120’ W x 299’ L (35,900 sq. ft.) Trapezoidal Shape
  • Triple wall with Mylar insulation
  • Vehicle airlocks
  • Low bias cable system


  • Construct an air conditioned multi-dome paintball complex at the Al Forsan International Sports Resort in Abu Dhabi.
  • The domes must provide 100% clear-span space to house several paintball courses.


  • Arizon designed three structures, two of which are custom-engineered trapezoidal-shaped buildings, which sit adjacent to each other and contain 100% clear-span interior space to house several large paintball courses.
  • Arizon used high-grade insulation to keep the interior cool and comfortable, despite the resort’s desert location.
  • Large vehicle airlocks were added to the domes so that sets and equipment can easily be transported in and out of the structures.


  • The Arizon paintball domes at Al Forsan International Sports Resort now stand as the world’s largest paintball complex, drawing guests from around the world.
  • Paintball players enjoy a comfortable recreational oasis, as the clear-span domes are kept cool with an energy-efficient climate-control solution that also help keeps operating costs low.

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