Location: Davenport, Iowa
Application: Multisport Facility
230’W x 330’L x 69’H (75,900 sq. ft.)
  • Replaced original air-supported Building
  • Interior Office & Restroom Area
  • Skylight allowing natural lighting
  • Skylight allowing natural lighting


  • The customer had an existing deck structure in the building that was erected after the original dome was installed. Arizon installed the new air-supported dome over the top of the deck.


  • Arizon used the existing fabric from the customer’s prior dome to cover the driving deck for extra protection while Arizon’s dome was installed. This allowed the new air-supported building to slide right over the top of the deck.
  • Arizon designed a light layout in the building and installed light patches for future fixtures.


  • The customer is extremely pleased with the building. They love having a skylight because of all the natural light it brings into their building.
  • Arizon’s high end profile allows additional room at the ends of the facility for training purposes.

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