Location: Eau Claire, WI
Application: Sand Volleyball
Size: 88’W x 200’L x 35’H (17,600 sq ft)
  • Arizon’s custom skylight feature
  • Tiki hut style bar inside of dome
  • Speaker system for entertainment


  • Design and construct a seasonal air-supported building to enclose existing outdoor sand volleyball courts and a two-story bar and seating area at a popular bowling alley.
  • The Wisconsin climate had prevented Wagner’s Lanes from generating revenue from sand volleyball leagues during the winter, while most leagues were completely full in the summer.


  • Arizon designed, manufactured, and installed a seasonal air-supported building that encloses the Wagner’s Lanes volleyball courts in the winter.
  • The dome was designed to include a two-story structure with a bar and viewing deck, allowing patrons to order drinks and food without leaving the dome.


  • Wagner’s Lanes is now able to host their popular sand volleyball leagues year round, bringing in more league and food & beverage revenue than before.
  • Wagner’s Lanes frequently hosts special events in the space, including black light volleyball and concerts. They are able to project video and light shows on the fabric of the dome to create elaborate displays for their patrons.

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