Location: Indianapolis, IN
Application: Indoor Tennis Facility
Size: 125’ W x 346’ L (43,250 sq. ft.)
  • Directly Connects to Conventional Building
  • Energy Efficient Arizon Skylight
  • Gray Exterior Fabric


  • Enclose seven outdoor tennis courts with an air-supported building that can directly attach to a conventional building that houses changing rooms and other amenities.


  • Arizon designed, manufactured and installed an open-span air-supported structure to serve as an indoor competition and training venue for the University of Indianapolis tennis program.
  • The facility features Arizon’s energy efficient mechanical equipment which uses an Air-Rotation System® to provide optimum temperatures throughout the year.
  • The fabric skylight allows management to significantly decrease the need for artificial lighting during daytime hours, resulting in further energy savings.


  • The University of Indianapolis was able to construct a permanent indoor tennis facility for the Greyhounds for roughly 1/3 of the cost of a conventional building.
  • The university is also able to provide an indoor facility to the local tennis community by offering daily court time to the public for recreational play and lessons.

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