Thinking About Constructing An Indoor Sports Facility?

If you are looking for cost-effective solutions to constructing an indoor sports complex, Arizon Building Systems has the perfect solution.

At Arizon we design, manufacture, and install air-supported structures. Typically these types of structures cost 1/3 the construction costs of traditional buildings, or prefabricated metal buildings. Additionally, our short lead times will provide you will a fully functional building in a matter of months.

A typical metal building for a standard sports facility might cost you between $5-$10 million dollars, after you include the lighting, doors, heating and cooling systems. Where an Arizon Air-Supported Dome will typically cost $1-$3 Million, and that includes the heating and/or cooling system, LED Lights, doors, engineering, and shipping to your site or nearest international port.

Because Arizon manufactures the heating and cooling equipment in-house, our system is more efficient, and cost-effective for day-to-day operation.

With an air-supported sports facility you can choose to have your dome up during the winter, and then easily stored away during the summer. You can even completely relocate the facility to a new site.

If you would like to learn more about Arizon’s air-supported sports facilities, please fill out the form on this page, and one of our representatives will be in touch to discuss your indoor sports facility.

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LED Lighting

Arizon's Sports Domes All Come With An Energy-Efficient LED Lighting System.

LED Lights

Heating & Cooling

Arizon Is The Only Company That Also Manufactures The Air-Handling System

HVAC System

In-House Engineers

Our Engineering Staff Will Work With You To Design Your Structure To Fit Your Needs


Seasonal Or Year-Round

Our Domes Can Be Installed For A Few Months Or Year-Round

tennis court dome - Arizon

Arizon Building Systems is the perfect fit for any sporting application. We have experience designing and manufacturing domes for every sport including: football, soccer, tennis, baseball, lacrosse, volleyball, and more.

With an Arizon Sports Dome you can choose to keep your dome up year-round or install the dome to be a seasonal indoor sporting facility. Because Arizon manufactures all of our domes to meet or exceed all local building codes, our buildings exceed the same standards set for traditional indoor structures.

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