Looking For A Cost-Effective Mining Facility?

Capping or covering mining sites is the most effective way at maintaining waste, emissions, and migration of contaminants. An Arizon air-supported mining facility is able to solve all of those issues, while increasing production underneath a climate controlled structure.

Arizon mining facilities can be installed in any climate. Paired with our air-rotation technology, each mining dome can maintain constant temperatures inside the space and filter out pollutants, effectively, reducing emissions while not increasing operational cost.

Another benefit to moving your mining operation underneath an Arizon mining dome, is the ability to relocate the structure as sites change. With mobile foundation systems, domes can easily be moved from one climate to another, without reducing their 20 year life expectancy.

Because all of our mining facilities are custom engineered to exceed your design requirements, we can include features like large vehicle air-locks. These doors can be sized to allow even the largest mining equipment easy access. This also allows you to create an indoor space for vehicle maintenance and repair.

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LED Lighting

Arizon's Tennis All Come With An Energy-Efficient LED Lighting System.

LED Lights

Heating & Cooling

Arizon Is The Only Company That Also Manufactures The Air-Handling System

HVAC System

In-House Engineers

Our Engineering Staff Will Work With You To Design Your Structure To Fit Your Needs


Backup Generator

All Of Our Domes Are Paired With A Backup Generator In Case Of A Power Outage.

tennis court dome - Arizon

If you have designs and specifications of a mining site that you need a facility for, our in-house engineering team is ready to assist you. We design all of our structures to local International Building Codes, and to meet all local wind/snow regulations.

Our team will provide you will stamped structural drawings. We will also provide you with an Arizon site supervisor during the installation. Our technicians have installed facilities all over the world for hundreds of unique applications.

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