Location: China
Application: Landfill Dome/Landfill Cover/Environmental Hazardous Waste
Size: 328’ W x 656’ L (215,000 sq. ft.)
  • Translucent fabric facilitates natural daytime light
  • World’s largest air supported structure
  • Keeps hazardous fumes contained


  • Provide an affordable and efficient building solution to cover a large, five acre landfill in Anding, China.
  • Toxins and waste needed to be controlled in landfill dome.


  • Arizon constructed a 215,500 sq. ft. air supported structure that features translucent fabric and a high-efficiency HVAC system to minimize operating costs.
  • Several vehicle airlock entryways enable workers to transport waste and other materials into the dome safety and efficiently.


  • Arizon was able to cover the entire five-acre landfill site underneath one air supported dome to contain toxins and contaminates that may be hazardous to public safety.
  • Enclosing the landfill also improves the aesthetics of the surrounding area, which may result in further development of the land near the waste facility.
  • The flexibility of the air structure design may also be beneficial in the future, if moving the structure to another location is ever desired.

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