Location: Midwestern United States
Application: Construction Dome
Size: 170’ W x 280’ L (47,600 sq. ft.)
  • Quick building construction
  • Temporary use construction shelter
  • Vehicle airlock for equipment & trucks


  • Temporarily cover an outdoor construction site during winter to prevent weather delays.
  • Create a comfortable, climate controlled space for workers to complete the project.


  • Arizon installed a 47,600 sq. ft. air supported building over the Insurance Company’s outdoor rec center construction site.
  • Translucent fabric was used to allow natural daytime light into the building during work hours and off set operating costs by eliminating the need to use artificial lights during the day.
  • A vehicle airlock was added to allow large trucks and construction equipment in and out of the air-supported building safely and efficiently.


  • Without weather delays, site security issues, or winter temperatures that would be too cold for employees to work outdoors, the Insurance Company was able to finish building a recreation center for its employees in time for its desired open date in spring.
  • The dome allowed workers to keep concrete and other building materials safe and dry in an energy-efficient, open-span space.

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