Location: Freeport, NY
Application: Ice Rink/Hockey Dome
Size: 133’ W x 223’ L (29,659 sq. ft.)
  • Translucent fabric provides natural lighting
  • Low bias cable system adds structural support


  • Provide a 100% clear-span enclosure that covers an entire hockey rink- without any columns or obstructions- that fits within the Village of Freeport, NY’s budget.


  • Arizon designed an ice rink dome to include translucent fabric to make use of natural daytime light.
  • A low-bias cable system for added stability during severe weather was included.
  • Energy efficient HVAC equipment was used to maintain interior temperatures ideal for supporting an ice rink.


  • The Village of Freeport, NY uses its indoor ice rink for community skating, local youth hockey leagues, school functions and skating lessons.
  • The Arrows Youth Hockey association, a well-known local league for kids and teens hockey, uses the dome regularly for practices and tournaments.
  • In summer, the rink is converted to an indoor soccer field, which is used by local youth soccer teams.

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