Location: New York City
Application: Tennis Dome
Size: 99’ W x 189’ L (18,711 sq. ft.)
  • Attached to roof of conventional building
  • Low bias cable system for structural support
  • Seasonal dome for winter only


Arizon designed an air-supported building that fits seamlessly into the fenced-in tennis area on the roof of a building in Manhattan. The dome is installed annually in early fall and dismantled each spring. Arizon’s design simplified the installation of the dome, despite seemingly difficult site conditions.

A flexible building solution, Arizon was able to fit its air-supported building on top of its outdoor courts. Arizon’s steeper slope allows for an optimized playing space. Court time in Midtown’s four-court tennis dome is rented out to members and used as a site for lessons, camps and clinics. The dome has survived countless severe weather events, including Hurricane Sandy in 2012.


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