Location: Flushing, NY
Application: Tennis Frame Structure
Size: 152.67’ W x 243’ L (37,098 sq. ft.)
  • Translucent fabric facilitates natural daytime light
  • Galvanized Steel Framework
  • Climate-Controlled for added comfort


  • Design a fabric structure that fits seamlessly over the school’s existing tennis courts.
  • Structure to offer comfortable year-round practice, games, and recreational play.


  • Arizon covered the existing courts at Queen’s College using premium PVDF-II-coated fabric, which is UV and flame resistant.
  • To offset operating costs translucent fabric was used to allow natural light into the structure during the daytime hours.
  • Divider netting was added between courts for uninterrupted play.


  • The Queens College Knights can practice, play games, host tournaments and hold tennis clinics or camps for the surrounding community in a climate-controlled, indoor frame and fabric facility.

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