Location: Mount Olive, NJ
Application: Half Field Multisport Dome
Size: 150’ W x 300’ L (45,000 sq. ft.)
  • Low Bias Cable System
  • Energy Efficient Skylight System
  • T-5 Fluorescent Lighting System
  • Seasonal Dome


  • Provide a multi-functional, open-span, seasonal space to accommodate a variety of sports.
  • Desired a seasonally-installed, indoor practice space.


  • Arizon designed, manufactured, and installed a climate-controlled air supported building in Mount Olive, NJ.
  • The 45,000 sq. ft. sports dome fits over a large turf field.
  • The building features an energy efficient mechanical system, low-bias cable system for building stability, an interior skylight that runs the length of the dome and provides natural light, and gray exterior fabric.


  • The new Arizon air structure sits seasonally at the Centercourt of Mt. Olive showcasing the aesthetically-pleasing gray exterior fabric.
  • Club and community members can enjoy year round lessons, clinics, camps and tournaments at a fraction of the first-cost and ongoing investment that a ‘conventionally constructed’
    brick and mortar training facility might have cost.
  • The dome covers the largest turf field in northern NJ, and is the perfect addition to the Centercourt “Athletic Village” in Mount Olive, NJ.

Launch Project