Thinking About Building A Tennis Dome?

If you’re thinking about covering one court or multiple courts, Arizon Building Systems offers tennis domes for every configuration.
Cover your courts in a tennis “bubble” in the winter to increase revenue, and improve the local tennis community.
Arizon tennis facilities are designed to be a seasonal or permanent structure that compliments your club.
Arizon is the only Tennis Dome manufacturer that also manufactures the air-handeling equipment, providing you with a system designed to exceed expectations and lower your costs.

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Arizon is the only company in the industry that is able to provide you with a complete turn-key solution for your indoor tennis project. Arizon’s Tennis Domes are unique, all of our estimates include an LED lighting system, energy-efficient heating and air-conditioning, in-house engineering design services, and our U.S. based customer support team.

We base all of our pricing off the size of your facility. A tennis dome in Michigan is not going to have the same systems as a tennis dome in California, so why would you pay more for something that doesn’t fit your needs? We make sure that your dome is built for you, your location, meets or exceeds all building regulations, and helps grow tennis within the community.

LED Lighting

Arizon's Tennis Domes All Come With An Energy-Efficient LED Lighting System.

LED Lights

Heating & Cooling

Arizon Is The Only Company That Also Manufactures The Air-Handling System

HVAC System

In-House Engineers

Our Engineering Staff Will Work With You To Design Your Structure To Fit Your Needs


Seasonal Or Year-Round

Our Domes Can Be Installed For A Few Months Or Year-Round

tennis court dome - Arizon

Arizon Building Systems is the perfect fit for tennis facilities. Whether you are building a tennis court from the ground up and want to save by having it be an inflatable tennis dome or if you just want to cover an existing court with a tennis structure, Arizon is here to assist you.

With our tennis court covering systems you can have your tennis domes be seasonal or have a permanent tennis court cover. A tennis dome may be the perfect solution for you, so if you are interested and want to know what the tennis bubble cost are then please contact us.

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