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While many people may view air-supported structures as a new technology, did you know that this type of construction actually dates back to World War II?

Air structures were developed at that time in the form of radomes for military communication purposes.

A radome is an air-supported, weatherproof structure that protects an antenna or radar system and is manufactured from material that minimally disrupts the electromagnetic signal transmitted and/or received by the antenna or radar system. Additionally, radomes protect the radar system or antenna from weather, as well as conceal the equipment from public view.

Arizon Building Systems provides radomes for many communications and testing applications. Our radomes also include options for vehicle airlocks, translucent fabric, self-closing fabric hatch doors, and more.

In addition to radomes, Arizon Building Systems also manufactures domes for industrial projects such as: equipment testing, manufacturing, construction sites, chemical waste containment, landfill concealing, and many more.

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