Tips for Correctly Storing Your Seasonal Dome

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The weather is warming up and domes are coming down. Are you storing your seasonal facility properly?

Here are 8 tips for correctly storing your seasonal dome to prolong its life:

  1. Dry the dome completely, especially between the inner and outer membrane.
    • Storing the dome damp can cause mold, not something you want to see on your facility.
  2. Fold and roll the dome neatly.
    • Folding and rolling the dome helps it fit onto the pallet and into the storage space.
  3. Map and mark how the sections were folded and rolled.
    • By mapping and marking the sections you are able to get the dome re-installed properly and quickly.
  4. Store preferably in a dry, low humidity, environmentally controlled enclosure.
    • High humidity can cause moisture, which can cause your dome to mold. The ideal place for storage would be in an environmentally controlled facility.
  5. Be aware of rodent issues.
    • Rodents can get into your storage space, and damage your dome by chewing through the material and nesting in the sections.
  6. Cover the dome sections with the cover Arizon provided or shrink wrap.
    • By covering the dome while in storage you ensure the dome stays dry if the storage space leaks and free of critters.
  7. Perform maintenance and check your air handling unit & backup generator
    • When your dome is dismantled it’s much easier to check your mechanical equipment and perform any maintenance it may need before it goes back up.
  8. Schedule your install date for the Fall
    • It’s never too early to schedule your install date with the Arizon team. Make sure you get on our schedule so your dome gets up and running for the fall/winter season.